If you are leaving school, college or university then the chances are you will have a prom or graduation party to attend. Here at Knots Hairdressing we can help you find the perfect graduation or prom hair style with a wide range of hairstyles chosen especially to complement your dress and make you feel gorgeous all night long.

Plaits and braids are more popular than ever. Our stylists at Knots Hairdressing are great at plaited or braided hair styles for proms and graduations! Plaited hair looks fun and youthful whether it is worn casually or in a more intricate sophisticated hairstyle.

There are numerous options including waterfall plaits and fishtail braids, weaves and up-does which incorporate plaits. Complement your outfit with braided hairstyles for graduation or prom this year.

Waves and curls are popular hair styles for graduation and prom dances. Big bouncy curly hair, sophisticated spiral or cute corkscrew curls can look sexy and fun at your end of term dance.

Our Knots Hairdressing experts love curly hairstyles for formal events because they are versatile, easy to achieve and complement all looks. For a sophisticated hair style you cannot go wrong with an up style or up-do as your hair style for graduations and proms. An up-style will look elegant, stylish, and sophisticated with any type of prom or graduation dress.

The hair stylists at Knots Hairdressing will work with you to create a hair up do that will match your graduation or prom dress perfectly. Long hair can look glamorous with a curly or wavy blow dry which is a classic hairstyle for proms and graduations.

A curly blow dry on medium hair and long hair looks sexy and sophisticated with a strapless or low-backed graduation or prom dress. Do you need help deciding on the perfect prom or graduation hair style?

If you want to look and feel your best at your formal event, why not book in for a free consultation with one of our stylists at Knots Hairdressing.