Our 5 star Knots Hairdressing in Deal, Kent, is proud to boast highly qualified and experienced barbers and men’s hairdressers who are skilled in the art of barbering for men’s hair cuts and hair styles.

Creative hairdressing for men is an artform these days with many men expecting a higher quality service and an array of hairstyle, hair cut and hair colour options to define their personality and lifestyle.

Short hair styles on men are still, without a doubt the most popular hairstyles when it comes to the modern male species. It’s much more than just trimming the top and using the trimmer on the sides.

Short hair styles require a product to create the perfect texture, volume and look. Shorter hair also requires regular maintenance appointments to keep your style looking fresh and you looking well groomed.

Mid length hair on men is definitely gaining in popularity when it comes to men’s hair cuts. Mid length hair cuts see hair piled high on the head and lots of volume, or hair cuts that finish between the ears and the nape.

Versatile, but often requiring a degree of styling and products, thanks to an influx of floppy haired baby faced boy-band members (Harry Styles, we do mean you) there is most definitely a revival of mid length hair cuts and hair styles for men.

Long haircuts and hairstyles for men can really make a statement and enhance your features. Don’t be tempted to just scrape your long hair into a ponytail though. If you’re making a statement with your long hair, make it every day!