Tips to improve hair cuts for children with autism

For kids with autism, getting a hair cut can be a challenging experience. When my kid was very first identified with autism my spouse and also I had a hard time taking him to get hair cuts. We would certainly usually wait weeks past the moment when his hair would look ragged as well as long, simply to stay clear of the barber. After discovering some small tips and also creating a strategy, we now have the ability to get his hair cut uncreative. As a papa of a youngster with autism I have actually been there as well as recognize just how hard it can be to take a kid to obtain their hair cut. I recall specifically once when I walked into a Circus Cuts as well as was eliminated to not have any individuals there. As my frustration grew I started virtually screaming” I did not register for this” as well as at the very same time search for and saw 2 family members just staring at us like we were from one more earth. The initial thing we did was take information on the events that led up to us going to get his hair cut and what frightened made him snap once was in the chair. As soon as we did that we were able to develop a plan. The very first reinforcer that he had in this process was that he did not have to make use of the clippers, a substantial relief to all of us. After he had the ability to advance enough, we started to take the tiny actions to form his actions. We would take an action and then go residence. Our primary step was to talk about his hair cut and obtain him right into the cars and truck. When he is done, he gets a lollipop (sugar complimentary and organic) as well as we are off to our following errand or the play area.