The four c's – colour

Numerous rubies have varying shades of yellow in them, however in many cases the colour is seldom visible to the untrained eye. Today’s Colour Grading System The GIA’s colour grading scale is based on the alphabet and each letter has a specific summary or suggesting affixed to it:*D, E, F=Colourless * G, H, I, J=Near Colourless * K, L, M=Faint Yellow * N, O, P, Q, R=Extremely Light Yellow * S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z=Light Yellow To the untrained eye, a ruby with varying qualities of colour saw separately would be tough to place. Nevertheless, when viewed alongside, most of the colour distinctions would be easily recognisable. However regrettably for the majority of people, that certain sort of diamond is well out of reach.