Questions You Should Probably Ask Your Stylist

Questions You Should Probably Ask Your Stylist

Most often, when people have questions about their hair, skin, or health, they resort to asking Google instead of an actual specialist. Suppose you have a problem regarding oily scalp you need solved, you go on the internet and search up your symptoms on WebMD. Congratulations, you now have a brain tumour! I know, I know! I am only exaggerating but you get the gist of it.

And if this weren’t the case, everyone’s hair type is different than the other. It is kind of like going to a dermatologist for your skin treatment and asking your friend who has the same skin type to take the medicine that worked for you. It is simply not how it works. Hair is as unique as skin. Instead of resorting to Google, ask your hair dresser for a change. I know it can be daunting but don’t let that derail you from doing what needs to be done. Following are a list of questions you are within your rights to ask your stylist:

What Hair Discounts Are Available?

I have cut to the chase and mentioned the one question most people shy away from. Hair discounts are there for a reason and if you don’t ask about them, how will you know about them and if you don’t know about them, how will you benefit from them? This is precisely why you should be upfront about the matter of discounts.

What Can I Do To Bring My Hair Back To Life?

Just because you feel your hair is no longer the way it used to be and it feels like a hopeless cause doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything about it. You are within your rights to ask your hairstylist whether it is a protein treatment you need or a Brazilian Blow-out. It is their job to help your hair look as fabulous as possible.

How Do I Pick The Right Hair Colour For Me?

Often people pick a hair colour and force it on their stylist just because they saw it in a picture online. It is not fair. Asking your hairstylist about what they think is the right hair colour for you can only be beneficial for you. Factors like season, facial structure, and age are some things your stylist knows better than you and he/she can provide valuable advice.

Hairstylists exist so they can help you make your hair look amazing, so don’t shy away from asking them the questions about the different treatments and procedures they offer to improve the health and appearance of your hair.

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