Is Greying Hair No Longer A Sign Of Age, But Of Style?

Is Greying Hair No Longer A Sign Of Age, But Of Style?

We know that greying hair is an inevitable sign of aging. Everyone goes through it, some earlier than others. But why does this happen? I can tell you first what is NOT a factor and that is stress, despite popular belief. Melanin is a pigment which is produced by cells in the hair which is what give hair its colour. As we age, our body produces less melanin, which causes hair to go gray and white when there is zero production of melanin.

There have been many studies that indicate one of the factors which play a role in the greying of hair is genetics but this factor still needs further research as scientists say. The build-up of hydrogen peroxide is what causes the cells to stop producing melanin and therefore it is a factor which plays a role in hair going prematurely gray. Over the years, people have tried to find new ways to dye their hair back to its natural colour to hide the greying hair because it is the most prominent sign of aging. But in today’s time, we see many celebrities dyeing their hair gray just for the sake of making a fashion statement.

The 23-year old ex-member of the band One Direction, Zayn Malik, has been dazzling his Instagram followers by showing off his gray hair. Does it seem this pop star has gone prematurely gray? It must, but that isn’t the case. Gray hair is in fashion now. People all over the world are booking appointments at their local salons just to dye their hair the way their celebrity idols have.

We live in a time where people no longer run from greying hair, but do visibly embrace it. It is bold and people love it. Gent’s hair has mostly been ignored by the fashion world for decades but lately, it’s all everyone seems to talk about. Imagine how many girls and boys must be influenced by celebrities like Zayn Malik, George Clooney, Zosia Mamet, Pink, and even Lady Gaga to dye their hair gray. Well, they are more than we can count. Everyday more heads pop up in different shades of gray, varying from bluish undertones to dusty gray.

Gray hair is no longer associated with age and is associated with fashion. It is not just the people in their mid-40s and 50s who have embraced gray hair but also youngsters aged 16 to 25. Shocking as the whole idea may be, the whole thing is hip and is one of the hottest trends today. We are surprised that it has made it out for this long but it doesn’t look like this fashion is going away anytime soon.

So, book your appointments at your salon and join in on the trend. But be sure that before you do, you ask your stylist all the necessary questions so you know how exactly you are supposed to handle a light shade of hair colour.